I respect Anu Nylund highly for her professional ethics, practice driven action, and immensely positive attitude to people and projects that come her way. She holds a rare combination of intricate comprehension about tourism industries in practice with a reflective theoretical cognition, and she shares this knowledge through her involvement in education, producing textbooks for students, and blogging. It has been a pleasure working with Anu in the past, and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to also work with her in the future.

It is inspiring working with Anu. She is open to new ideas and taking also the action to be proceeded. Problem solving capability but still with positive attitude is something I admire in her. She has been developing Finnish guide and tour leader courses and training. Being guide herself she is also good role model for other colleagues. She is witty and having good sense of humor.

Anu is highly skilled expert in tourism education. She is enthusiastic developer and succesfull blogger in her segment. Her idea of the Forest of Love is a great concept with a great environmental and international value also from a tourism business`point of view. She is innovative professionalist and I can warmly recommend her to any project or managing role in the world of tourism, education and development.

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With thankful regards,
Anu, Mood of Finland

Candidate for Responsible Tourism operator of the year

The owner and founder of Mood of  Finland company, Anu Nylund was nominated for Responsible actor of the year 2023 among the top five. The other cancidates were Haltia Lake Lodge, Hawkhill Nature, Scandic Hotels and Visit Finland.

The winner in 2023 was Haltia Lake Lodge! Well deserved win, congratulations!
Congratulations also to the nominees and winners of the other categories!

It was great and encouraging to be among the five with the most professional votes.

The first Finnish Travel Gala was organized in September 2017 in Helsinki. I was selected as one of the final three candidates for Responsible Tourism operator. The two other ones were Finnair and Port of Helsinki. Finnair was awarded – and  I’m grateful for the attention I got.