Training and education

Mood of Finland is a good choice when looking for lecturers or speakers to your events.

These are some examples of the contents we would be happy to talk about:

  • Responsible Tourism
  • Branding
  • New Way of Marketing & Segmentation
  • Personal Branding
  • Customer Service
  • Service Design
  • Project Management
  • International Marketing in Spain

Anu Nylund, the founder of Mood of Finland  have teacher´s pedagogical qualification.

Are you in Mood of Learning?

Mood of Learning is auxiliary business name of Mood of Finland company.

Mood of Learning is a new concept designed in co-creative way to offer coaching and eLearning solutions.Welcome to experience our Educational services and join our Co-creation projects!

There are two Mood of Learning pilot courses  for free to experience:
1. Orientation program for Employees
2. Multicultural working environment for Employers.

It´s not only about offering orientation on internet but also designing a new, responsible concept for work-based immigration combining recruitment, training and orientation online. Feel free to experience our courses as they are totally free of charge and you don´t even need to subscribe.

For more information:  Mood of Learning

Mood of Finland company is specialized in Responsible Tourism and is member of Visit Finland Academy offering inspiring training for enterprises and organizations in Tourism field.

The Yellow book of Tourism

Yellow is the colour of Hope and Joy. Having worked within the Tourism industry for many years, first more than ten years abroad and then another ten years in Finland, I have gained interest in researching what kind of image Tourism professionals really present when challenged to present the ideal image that is portrayed by the Finnish Tourist Board through the official Tourist brand of Finland.

I named my Pro Gradu research (University of Lapland 2013) as The Yellow book of  Tourism because the theoretical frame of the research was based not only on the Tourism Brand documents but also on the concepts related to international Tourism trends such as Academy of Hope, Transmodernity, the Future Tourists´ profiles as well as international Adult learning trends like e-Learning, Problem based learning, Habermas´s Critical learning and Mezirow´s Transformative learning. Yellow is a colour of Hope and Joy.

If you want to know more about my study and its results, please contact Mood of Finland.

Traveling is learning

Mood of Finland Company cooperates with two Spanish companies in learning programs and tourism services.

Geoface operates mainly in Asturias, in northern part of Spain. Its main professional activities are guided experiences, the goal being in the responsible use of natural and cultural heritage (history, art, gastronomy and landscape).

Please read more about the activities and products here: Geoface

Please read more about how to spend different holidays on Canary Islands: The Human Tour

I have a dream

I have had dreams come true in my life so I keep on dreaming. Now I am dreaming of  an old stone house where I can hear the sound of the sea. It´s surrounded by a rose garden and inside the house you can feel nice and tranquil atmosphere. There I will have a room where to read and write books.

But I wouldn´t like to be alone in that house. I would like to invite you and your colleaugues and your friends to spend time there. It would be The Yellow House of Tourism – a place where one can research, learn and enjoy the life together.

I will keep you posted and send you my invitation when my dream has come true.

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