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Mood of Finland Company can be your partner, host and presenter. We can plan events and seminars together. We can also make marketing plans together and put them into practice.

Spain & Finland

Anu Nylund, founder of Mood of Finland lived more than ten years in Spain – working in Tourism industry, living the authentic everyday life in Spanish-Finnish family. Therefore her Spanish language and culture skills give added value to our cooeration.


Anu Nylund, founder of Mood of Finland Company has been working as Tour Guide abroad for five years and in Finland more than ten years.

In Tourism Industry it´s all about Hospitality and so it should be in the international business in general.

When planning the next programme for your business negotiations and for your guests coming from abroad, please contact Mood of Finland Company to make the program to your distinguished business relatives and guests during their stay in Finland.

We offer the authentic Finnish experiences to your guests – and you don´t need to work overtime. Our guides and hosts are tactful and knowledgeable professionals.

Mood of Finland Company specializes in Spanish speaking market, but we cooperate with many professionals and will find the right person for your needs.

Everyone is a salesperson

In Mood of Finland Company we belive in this:

Good Customer Service is the best selling.
Good selling is the best Customer Service.

Good selling is creating a good solution to a client´s needs.

We also think that everyone in company is a salesperson and the real VIP – very important person. Very important part is also a good dialogue with customers – face to face or in Social Media.

We use Service Design tools – also when planning meetings or events.

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