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Innovation Labs can be the solution when trying to transform ideas into action. If there is a good idea to develop we can start a dialogue and  take the idea to action – together and in innovative way.

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Love Forest Finland
Story of Water
Map of Silence

Love Forest Finland

Create your own personal love lock in the nature: We are developing a new innovation and concept:  you can plant a tree or buy a tree or a part of a tree as a symbol of your love.

Finland is the natural choice for Love Forest. We are a country of nature and we have enough of trees for the loving couples of the world. In our idea there is a real forest you can visit and also there is this forest as virtual experience that you can follow online and introduce to your family and friends overseas.

Virtual Love locks can be purchased online as well as other services and products such as accomodation during your visit, hiking tours and wild food products. Love Forest Finland connects us to nature – to our best source of wellbeing. Love locks will have stories to tell for those visiting the forest.

The story of water

In Finland we have plenty of clean water; you can drink the tap water everywhere and even natural waters in most of the places when hiking in nature.

We also have the global problem of plastic waste. In Finland there is no need to buy bottled water and we would like to take into action the following idea:

  • We would like to give to all visitors coming to Finland a modern, light glass bottle
  • There would be a short story about the bottle and instructions how to use it
  • Every visitor could personalize the bottle by writing the name and a short slogan to it
  • Bottle can be taken everywhere and can be filled up  everywhere in Finland (in restaurants, bars, hotel rooms and public toilets)
  • When it´s time to say goodbye to Finland, the visitors can take the empty bottle through the security cheking and fill it up in the international side
  • The visitors can then take the bottle to all the journeys and post pictures of it by Social Media

There will be thousands of beautiful stories of water as well as stories about how to save the planet!

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