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The values ​​of Mood of Finland Company are Creative, Inspiring  Responsible – together with others and in good mood. Creativity manifests itself in the work of utilizing new and inspiring methods in coaching services and producing new types of Tourism services.

Often the idea starts while running, cycling or skiing outdoors and is followed up with sharing the idea with other like-minded co-operators.

If an idea takes off, a network of partners is put together, an implementation plan is drawn up, funding is sought and ideas are translated into action. Innovation Labs are also places for sharing research information.

Research co-operation is conducted, for example, with Javier Pedrosa (Iworu) on Responsible Tourism, Nature based Tourism and Value based Consumer Behavior (Transmodern Traveler)

In our society we have four main value based cultures: Traditional, Modern, Postmodern and Transmodern – and we also have a subculture “green exrtremists”

Mood of Finland is an active developer together with others! Innovation Labs can be the solution when trying to transform ideas into action. If there is a good idea to develop we can start a dialogue and  take the idea into action – together and in innovative way.

Ongoing Labs

Love Forest Finland

Mood of Nature

Mood of Learning – Responsible Customer journey

Love Forest Finland

Love Forest Finland is a concept to act for better future by planting a symbolic tree and donate money for nature conservation.

Rakkauden Metsä, Love Forest Finland concept is owned by Mood of Finland Company.
The beautiful logo has been designed and donated by Mainostoimisto Adams ( Marketing Agency).

Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest Finland will be global concept to connect people willing to act and influence. Please, read more: Love Forest Finland 

You can plant Love Tree as part of  other services such as accomodation, hiking tours and other outdoor activities. Love Forest Finland connects you to nature – to our best source of wellbeing. Love Forest is part of your own story and your story will be part of the global story of love. As love is stronger than hate, we are creating a worldwide story of love, peace and nature.

Love Forest Finland can be your way to compensate the emissions while travelling. Please, study the idea by watching the video here

The story of water

In Finland we have plenty of clean water; you can drink the tap water everywhere and even natural waters in most of the places when hiking in nature.

We also have the global problem of plastic waste. In Finland there is no need to buy bottled water and we would like to take into action the following idea:

  • We would like to give to all visitors coming to Finland a modern, light glass bottle
  • There would be a short story about the bottle and instructions how to use it
  • Every visitor could personalize the bottle by writing the name and a short slogan to it
  • Bottle can be taken everywhere and can be filled up  everywhere in Finland (in restaurants, bars, hotel rooms and public toilets)
  • When it´s time to say goodbye to Finland, the visitors can take the empty bottle through the security cheking and fill it up in the international side
  • The visitors can then take the bottle to all the journeys and post pictures of it by Social Media

There will be thousands of beautiful stories of water as well as stories about how to save the planet!

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