How to transform ideas into action

If there is a good idea to develop we can start a dialogue, complete the necessary paperwork, write the applications and find the funding – together.

Anu Nylund, founder of Mood of Finland Company has led two projects of Tourism Education in Finland during the years 2014 – 2017. The projects have been funded by the Board of Education in Finland. The network consists of 14 Institutions of Vocational education


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of tourism, wellness and well-being in unprecedented ways. Firstly, people become more inclined to look after their mental and physical health and restorative trips into nature have become a leading tourism and wellness global trend (Global Wellness Summit, 2022). Secondly, the tourism and wellness economy need recovery after a long period of hard lock-down. The sector needs fresh innovative and sustainable skills, ideas and approaches in relation to forest-related trends in a digital setting and this is where the need for the FORESTWELL project comes from.

The FORESTWELL project aims to create innovative, attractive educational approaches within the vocational education & training sector specifically within the wellbeing tourism arena. Project is funded by Erasmus+

Mood of Finland company is the Finnish partner. Other partners come from Iceland, Denmark and Ireland and it is managed by VSGT Maribor from Slovenia.

Please, read more about the project here: Forestwell 

The following Finnish companies have joined the project:

Halipuu (Kittilä), Adventure Apes (Kuusamo), Marttinen Youth Center (Pirkanmaa), Travellamo (Lahti), Uudenmaan Seuramatkat (Hyvinkää), Elämysleidit (Nurmijärvi), Metsänautti (Tuusula), Haltia Lake Lodge (Nuuksio),  Nuuksion Taika (Vihti), Hawkhill Nature (Vihti) and Elämyksen Taika (Mäntsälä)

Case Studies can be found here: FORESTWELL network Finland 

We regenerate

From sustainability to responsible Tourism

According to World Tourist Organization (UNWTO) there were 1,235 billion international arrivals in 2016 which means 3,9% more than previous year. (International arrivals in this case means that tourists stay at least one night in destination and they arrive by air.)

The total amount of people travelling by air was 4 billion in 2016year and in 2030 they are more than 7 billion. We all understand that there are more and more tourists travelling every year as there are more people living in the world, and more people are having the possibility to travel in the future.

There is no other way than sustainable way to develop and act in Tourism Industry. There is a lot to do, but we have not lost the game. We can find solutions and new ways of tourism business together. Would you like to find the solutions together with us; in creative, inspiring and regenerative way?

Now it´s time to regenerate

At the moment the main interest in my career is to develop the Tourism business in regenerative way.  I want to participate in the transformation of tourism at the rate of change in the world around us. Therefore I am learning more and implementing what I learn about Regenerative Tourism. You read more about my thoughts here: Regeneration 

Since 2020, I have been involved in an international Regenerative Tourism network and have completed an education of two levels in Spanish on the subject in September 2021.

In May 2023 I have launched the first Regenerative Tourism online learning course in Finland. As a follow-up to the training, the Regenerative tourism community has been established, the forum of which is the LinkedIn group.

Mix and Match

Tourism is known as multidisciplinary research topic and Tourism is not recognized as own field of science but as part of other sciences such as economics, social sciences or geography.

In Tourism industry there is a huge possibility to gather experts from different industries and fields to work together. When Tourism professionals meat people working in arts, architecture, marketing, gastronomy or design – just to name some – great things start to happen!

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