Responsibility is actually not only talking but also acting. Responsible Tourism is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”

This is our way to take responsibility into action

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Mood of Finland company has achieved the international Biosphere certificate  and the Sustainable Travel Finland badge as a prove of responsibility. Mood of Finland company was the first one in Finland to sign the Glasgow Declaration in November 2021.

Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction  Glasgow Declaration, Climate action in Tourism

My story

Mood of Finland company is committed to the goal to make Finland a leading country in responsible tourism.

Anu Nylund, founder of Mood of Finland Company is active member in The Finnish Association for Fair Tourism (Reilu matkailu)  and in Finnish Network for Responsible Tourism (ICRT Finland)

Code of Ethics

We require our partners to commit to the principles of the Code of Ethics

Mood of Finland Code of Ethics 

From responsibility to Regenerative Tourism

Mood of Finland company has applied for and received an international Biosphere certificate.

Mood of Finland company has gone through  Finland’s national responsible operations and development program, Sustainable Travel Finland.

The certificate helps to verify responsible operations at the technical level and is a concrete demonstration of responsibility for partners and customers. It also forces/ encourages for continuous improvement.

In addition we tend to clarify our values, mission and vision. Mood of Finland company´s mission is to act for a better future.

Mood of Finland company has joined an international community to learn more about Regenerative Tourism. The owner of the company, Anu Nylund,  has attended courses and workshops organized by “Turismo Regenerativo” based in Chile and has started cooperation to design new services in regenerative way.

Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest Finland is a concept owned by Mood of Finland

In case of  emissions and the goal to zero emissions, we encourage priority to be given to reducing emissions and also to invest money first on measures that genuinely reduce emissions.

Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest Finland is a concept designed by Mood of Finland company. It´s about planting a symbolic Tree of Love and purchasing a certificate with a story written on it. Ten euros of every certificate is donated to The Natural Heritage Foundation.

It´s not only about maintaining and increasing carbon sinks but also about safeguarding biodiversity and understanding the value of nature itself. We can learn a lot from nature if we let it be and live as it is naturally. All kind of nature environments are needed.

Mood of Finland company´s choice is to support the valuable work of the The Natural Heritage Foundation in Finland to protect old forests. We pay every year 300- 500 euros to support the foundation´s work.

Please, learn more about the concept by watching the video below. More information and online shop can be found here:
Love Forest Finland