Who are we

We are You and Me and the team!

My name is Anu Nylund,  founder of Mood of Finland company and  a “mooder“. I invite you to innovate, experience and find solutions together with me.  I cooperate with others and tend to  gather the best team to work together in our projects.

Mood of Finland company has following sub-business names that also reflect what we do:

  • Mood of Learning
  • Mood of Nature
  • Love Forest Finland.

You find the descriptions of the various functions in the top bar of  this page under “Other Moods”.

Young visionary as part of the team

Daniel Maestre Nylund, whose passions are Snowboard and playing Guitar is part of the planning team – giving a young twist to our work. He is just about to start his own professional path.

The Story

Values and mission

  • If there is a need to develop or create something new, we can find the way to do it together.
  • Let´s not give up because of lack of time – we will find the way.
  • We create new products and concepts together with others.
  • We offer experiences for visitors using Storytelling and Service Design tools.
  • We act in Global and Local level – opening doors, breaking the walls.

The mission of Mood of Finland is to offer experiences and create new concepts together with others, in good mood also when doing serious business in responsible way.

In creative, inspiring and responsible way.