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Mood of Finland Company offers Education & Tourism services in creative, inspiring and responsible way.  Mood of Finland company is owned by Anu Nylund, who has been working in Tourism Industry for more than 25 years, in Finland and in Spain. Mood of Finland company was established in 2018.

Since couple of years Anu has been networking with international influencers and researchers in Regenerative movement and has been specializing in Regenerative Tourism in Finland. Please, read  more here:  Responsibility in Mood of Finland  
Mood of Finland company has achieved Biosphere certificate and the Sustainable Travel badge as a prove of responsibility. Hopefully my story will encourage other companies in the Tourism industry to join the program with the goal to make Finland a leading country in responsible tourism. Mood of Finland Company is a signatory of Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

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In creative, inspiring and responsible way.

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